The Bible vs. Joseph Smith

The Bible vs. Joseph Smith DVDIn this unique documentary, produced entirely in Israel, a Christian and a Mormon sit down to dialogue about one of the most important questions of faith: How do we know if a prophet is speaking the truth?

Listen in on their fascinating discussion and follow along as they travel throughout the Holy Land in search of the facts. They will put Biblical prophets and Mormon prophets to the test in order to find out if their predictions actually took place in history. If even one prediction fails to come true, then that prophet fails the test!

Runtime: 78min.
NTSC Widescreen | 16:9 | Region Free DVD
Language: English
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Having been a pastor in Idaho and ministering to Mormons, this video is one of the most powerful tools available to help bring Mormons to Christ. Words can not express the impact this will have as an evangelism tool. Everyone who knows a Mormon should order this and use it . Magnificent work!!!

— M. Stamper, comment left on SourceFlix website